Scotland - Every Keen Golfers Heaven

Scotland - Every Keen Golfers Heaven

Dreaming of hitting every legendary green in Scotland but dreading the drive? We've got you. Here at A1 Coaches, we're all about getting you to your next great golf adventure without the fuss. Think of us as your personal caddy for the roads of Scotland – minus the advice on your swing.

Whether you're a solo adventurer chasing the sunrise on a new course or rolling deep with your golfing buddies, we've got the wheels to fit. Choose from our comfy minibuses or go big with our larger coaches. We always liase with you to ensure your Golfing equipment will fit in our vehicles. 

Our drivers are pros – not at golf, but at getting you from tee to tee safely and smoothly. They know the routes like the back of their hand, which means you can sit back, relax, and maybe plan your next hole-in-one. While our drivers won’t be giving you the history of every castle you pass, they're equipped with a solid understanding of the roads and a keen focus on safety. Need a full-on tour guide experience? We can book you a local expert at an extra cost.

Forget about battling GPS signals or deciphering road signs. From St Andrews to Royal Troon, we make the journey as smooth as your putt on a good day

Picture this: You and your clubs, hopping from one iconic Scottish course to another, without having to worry about who's driving. More time focusing on your swing, less on the road. Whether it’s the historic allure of St Andrews or the windswept fairways of Carnoustie, we’re on hand to make sure the journey is part of the adventure.

We’re not just offering you transport; we’re promising an easier, laid-back way to experience golf in Scotland.

I took this photograph of a lovely group of Danish Golfers I had the pleasure to tour around Scotland for Golf. They had the best time and so did I. They all put their kilts on for a Scottish Themed night they had in Carphin House in Luthrie after a day on the Old Course, St Andrews. 

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