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Save money on your Transport arrangements. Learn how?

Here is some information on how to save some money from your transport.

1. Choosing the correct size of vehicle

Make sure you have enough seats for everyone but do not book a vehicle that you are not going to fill. If you have booked a larger vehicle and some people drop out from your event/night out then please give us a call because we would be happy to downsize your vehicle providing we had availability to do so.

2. Collection and Drop off points

Always pre-plan where you would like your group collected from and dropped off. If you have a few people from the same area it would save money to arrange one central collection point and the same for the drop off point. We can also provide taxi numbers for you to arrange a taxi company to collect you from a central drop off point to continue your journey. If you choose one collection point and one drop off point, this would keep your costs down. Please note whatever you tell us at your initial time of enquiry will be carried through on the day of your booking. Extra charges may occur if more collection/drop off points are applied.

3. Shorter Distances

If you are travelling on a shorter journey or you require shuttle runs to happen, we can provide you with a smaller vehicle but make more journeys back and forward. Sometimes this works out well for weddings or large events when people arrive and leave at certain times. A smaller vehicle has a much smaller fuel consumption than a large coach or double decker bus.

4. Flexible timing transport

If your times are flexible we may manage to reduce the cost of your transport because this may allow us to slot your hire in with another hire. We may also check out the timings of your hire compared to our enquiries that we have had to see if we can save both customers money by being flexible and allowing us to participate in more work generating revenue for the company and reducing costs for the customer.

It's a win-win situation.

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How to save on your transport