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We want to save you money, some of these tips will help you!

We would like to give you as much assistance, help and a sound understanding when your enquiring into booking your transport, we hope you find this guide useful and it helps you to make the right decisions with your transport.

Points that will alter your price: 

  1. The further away your destination then the more expensive your transport.
  2. If your vehicle is sitting stationery at the location then we would reduce the cost according to the stationery hours but if you require the vehicle to move from point to point then this will be charged accordingly.
  3. If you choose to book a Standard range vehicle over an executive standard vehicle this will save you money. We recommend to our customers that they book the standard according to the purpose of the hire. If you are booking for a wedding we would recommend the executive transport but if you were booking for a general night out then we would recommend the standard range vehicle.
  4. If you are booking for a large group of people but the distance you are travelling is short we would recommend you book shuttle runs. This would reduce the cost of your transport.
  5.  When you are booking your transport with us you may have an event coming up in the future that you are going to need transport for. If you book these together then we will offer a multiple booking discount i.e. if you are booking your wedding transport but you are aware you will require hen and stag transport then please enquire about them at the same time and this will provide you with attractive discounts.
  6.  Consider your collection and drop off points to reduce the cost of your hire. Please consider the following ensuring you are considering the passengers safety: Would you like your customers to meet at a designated location or would you like your passengers to be collected from their residential addresses? DROP OFFS � Would you like your passengers to be dropped off at a central location or would you like them to be dropped off at their own residential addresses?

If you would like to enquire about transport please call us on 01592 713443 or email a1coachesbookings@gmail.com